Ice Inhancer

GTA IV Mod – iCEnhancer 2.1

Developer: Hayssam Keilany

Publisher: N/A

Genre: Action-Adventure / Open World

Release Date: N/A

Size: 326 MB

Parts: 1 [326 MB Single]

Requirements: GTA IV


A revolutionary modification that will bring realism to the GTA IV game.If you’re searching for realistic graphics and turning the Grand Theft Auto IV from a good looking game to an amazing look game, definitely check out the iCEnhancer mod.

Game Screen Shots

Direct Links

Gta IV iCEnhancer v.2.1 – SERVER 1

NOTE:Links Are the Same , Only Srevers are Diffrent. Take Care of ReDownloading.

Gta IV iCEnhancer v.2.1 – SERVER 2

5% Recovery Record Included On All Parts.

21 thoughts on “GTA IV Mod – iCEnhancer 2.1”

  1. God !!! I Have Tried Downloading The Game Soo Many Times But Whenever I Click On Those Direct Download Links Its Gives Me A Messege Like “Cookies Not Enable” …. I Enabled My Cookies But Still Its Showing The Same Text Please Admin Will You Upload It Again Or Tell Me How To Download The File !!!!

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  3. Watch out if u download GTA IV to try IceEnhancer.

    It only works well with patch 1.04 or prior. The complete edition with eflc is 1.07 and have problems with IceEnhancer.

    I have the CE version but I see that there’s a full rip version here that is only 5GB.

    What version is the “full rip – globe@”? And links are down for that version btw. Don’t want to download 15GB to try it but if the full rip is 1.04 i might download it to try xD

    1. You can downgrade your GTA IV version by uninstalling the update through uninstallation manager and install the v1.04 patch, but not too sure. Don’t complain if it doesn’t works.

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